Welcome to Anglezarke.net, where I hope to present the most comprehensive resource, online or off, of this fantastic part of the West Pennine Moors.  A place of ruined farmsteads, babbling brooks, twenty-thousand year-old settlements, abundant wildlife and outstanding scenery…

New map overlaid on old

Outline of Yarrow Reservoir overlaid onto old mapping showing what was replaced in the construction.

Anglezarke, Anlezark, Anglezark… The name Anglezarke is derived from two Norse-Gaelic elements.  In the first part comes from the name Anlaf, a form of the popular Scandinavian personal name of Olav.  In the second part comes from the Old Norse word erg or the Brythonic word cognate with Gaelic word àiridh (dialectal arke or argh) both meaning a ‘hill pasture or shieling’.  The two elements together mean ‘Anlaf’s hill pasture’ – i.e. ‘the hill pasture belonging to Anlaf’.  The earliest spelling of the name was in 1202 when it was recorded as ‘Andelevesarewe’.  By 1225 this had become ‘Anlavesargh’, in 1351 ‘Anlasargh’, and by 1559 ‘Anlazarghe’.  Our maps, starting in the 1700’s, first reference ‘Anglezark’ and it is only in the 1900’s that we first see the modern spelling, ‘Anglezarke’.  In 1894, there were plans to join Anglezarke to Heapey, but ratepayers protested sufficiently.

Yates Map of 1786 was the first accurate mapping undertaken in Lancashire.

Yates Map of 1786 was the first accurate mapping undertaken in Lancashire.

There is an alternative history to the name.  According to a book I discovered in the British Library, Anglezargh may mean Heathen Temple.  The first portion indeed includes the name of a Norse deity, although people did name themselves after deities.  Anlaf’s Argh = The Temple Of Anlaf The Heathen.

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  1. Paul

    Chorley Standard 21st October 1865
    Death on 13th October of Robert Charnock due to a fall of stone in a quarry belonging to Thomas Pilkington. The Inquest took place at the Black Boy. He was 27.

    Chorley Standard April 14th. 1866

    Death at Sister Millstone Quarry, Anglezarke Chorley Standard April 14th. 1866. On Monday afternoon at 4 O’clock Thomas Pilkington stone dealer of Anderton was killed at the Sister Millstone Quarry, in Anglezarke, he was crushed against a rock by a heavy stone. The deceased body was removed to Turners Farm, Rivington. The obituary the following week stated that ” he was much respected and a large employer, buried at Rivington Unitarian Chapel. The tree ‘Old Tom’ once stood to
    mark the spot of his demise.

  2. Simon

    United Utilities now own Moses Cocker Farm having bought the owner out. I think it was due to animal waste pollution running into the reservoir over time and (so I heard) that the farmer was given an order to clean up the waste with a fine or sell for market value ( he chose the latter). The farm is occupied by tenants (non farming).

  3. Julie

    Mark I have also e-mailed the following details about Samuel Pilkington to you.

    Samuel Holt b 1809 Anglezarke. He was born on 2 Mar 1809 and baptised on 13 Jun 1809 at Rivington.

    Samuel Pilkington – son of Thomas Pilkington and Mary Vause firstly married on 22 Jan 1844 his cousin Jane Pilkington , daughter of Samuel and Betty Ainsworth – she was the widow of Charles Holt and they had Holt children Betty 1825, Ann 1828, Alice 1830, John 1834, Sarah 1836 and Charles 1840 all baptised at Rivington.
    On the 1841 census at Anglezarke –
    Charles Holt Head 35 Farmer and Quarryman Lancs.
    Jane Holt Wife 35 Weaver Lancs.
    Betty Holt Dau 15 Weaver Lancs.
    Alice Holt Dau 10 Winder Lancs.
    Sarah Holt Dau 5 Scholar Lancs.
    Charles Holt Son 2 Lancs.

    At this time [1841] Samuel is still unmarried and living at Stones House, Anglezarke with his widowed mother Mary and brothers Thomas, Ralph and Joseph.

    Charles died in 1843 and Jane then married her cousin Samuel Pilkington on 22 Jan 1844, they had a son Thomas in 1844, then Jane died in 1845. Samuel then remarried on 18 Jan 1847 to Ann Holt his step daughter – there was 19 years between them. On the 1851 census at Simms Farm – the two youngest Holt children have the surname Pilkington. Charles Holt/Pilkington reverts back to Holt as an adult.
    1851 Simms Farm, Anglezarke
    Samuel Head 42 Farmer of 137 Acres b. Anglezarke
    Pilkington Ann Wife 23 Anglezarke
    Pilkington Thomas Son 6 Anglezarke
    Pilkington Samuel Son 4 Anglezarke Pilkington Joseph Son 2 Anglezarke
    Pilkington Sarah Step Dtr 15 Employed on Farm Anglezarke
    Pilkington Charles Step Son 12 Shepherd Anglezarke

    1861 Simms Farm, Anglezarke
    Samuel Pilkington Head 52 Farmer of 112 Acres of land Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Ann Pilkington Wife 33 Care of House Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Charles Holt Step son 21 Quarrier of Stone, Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Thomas Pilkington Son 16 Shepherd Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Joseph Pilkington Son 12 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Mary Pilkington Dau 7 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Sarah Jane Pilkington Dau 5 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Abel Pilkington Son 2 Anglezarke, Lancs.

    1871 Simms Farm, Anglezarke
    Samuel Pilkington Head 62Farmer of 180 acres of grassland Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Ann Pilkington Wife 42 Farmer’s Wife Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Thomas Pilkington Son 26 Farmer’s Son Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Samuel Pilkington Son 24 Farmer’s Son Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Joseph Pilkington Son 22 Farmer’s son Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Mary Pilkington Dau 17 Farmer’s Daughter Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Abel Pilkington Son 11 Farmer’s Son Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Lucy Pilkington Dau 7 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Ann Pilkington Dau 4 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Amelia Pilkington Dau 11 mths Anglezarke, Lancs.

    Also in 1871 Charles Pilkington/Holt is married and live at Craimbo?? Rivington with his wife Grace and family
    Charles Holt Head 32 Farmer of 13 Acres Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Grace Holt Wife 33 Sharples, Lancs.
    Jane Holt Dau 7 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Abel Holt Son 5 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    William Holt Son 4 Scholar Anglezarke, Lancs.
    Grace Holt Dau 2 Rivington, Lancs.

    In 1881 Charles and family are living at Old Kate’s and in 1891 at Brook House Farm. Charles died on 25 Jan 1895 and is buried at Rivington Presbyterian Chapel.

    Samuel died in Feb 1887 and was also buried at Rivington Presbyterian Chapel on 9 Feb.

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