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Kiona the Gardenian – A book by Anglezarke regular Richard Haslam

Autistic author Richard Haslam is a regular visitor to Anglezarke, and he has recently released the revised edition of his book to the “Now.Here” series, “Kiona the Gardenian”. With the full support of the Autism Initiatives team at Braid Close in Penwortham.  Richard’s quality of life completely transformed as they worked alongside him to realise …

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Can you see the Republic of Ireland from England?

Lockdown had a huge impact on us all. One of the most striking things for me was the increase in visibility, caused no doubt by the dramatic reduction in travel and transport. The Anglezarke Moor area is directly under the flight path of aircraft flying in to Manchester Airport from Ireland, and the sky is …

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Prevent moorland fires – Ban disposable BBQs

Petition: I believe that people should be free to make their own choices and not bound by unnecessary rules, laws and bureaucracy.  Open access to the moorland, right-to-roam, and the Countryside Rights Of Way Act 2000 give people like myself the opportunity to explore and exercise without fear of trespass.  And freedom of speech …

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Geocaching with Memory Map 6

Paperless Geocaching is quite well documented for Memory Map 5 and PDA devices, but times have moved on, so I wanted to see if I could bring it up to date. Geocaching is a very popular hobby, which combines GPS navigation with treasure hunting. There’s a more thorough explanation on the website here …

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Why you should consider having a dumbphone in your backpack

Smartphones are getting better and better, and in many cases have replaced a dedicated GPS unit. However, the lack of ruggedness, not to mention the chances of leaving it on a gatepost or more than likely it running out of battery, means that if you do get into trouble on a walk, you might well …

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Dean Wood and the House

There is quite a lot of information out there on Dean Wood, and Dean Wood House, and I’ve collated enough information to warrant a page.  Some great photos and quite a lot of lyrics

Photographs of Simms, amongst others

Some unique information has been sent in of late, including possibly unpublished (till now) images and tales from the ruins of Simms, amongst others. – thank you!  The newly added photographs are courtesy of the notes in an unpublished book by the local historian DA Owen.

Bomber Zulu 8799

Anglezarke Moor was the location of a tragic air crash on the 16th November, 1943. Wellington Bomber Zulu 8799 lost control over Hurst Hill on the moors, and all the crew were pronounced dead at the scene. Read the most comprehensive account of this event, online or off, at our latest article here.

A new ruin, Old Brook’s

It’s taken a while to gather enough information to warrant a publishable page, but after much research I have discovered some interesting tales about the former inhabitants of the isolated ruin of Old Brook’s farm

The gory story of Parson’s Bullough

The farmer living at Parson’s Bullough became a widower, and he committed suicide here in September 1910.  He was 71 years old. He had been suffering from asthma and insomnia.  His sons, Samuel Jr. and John saw a shaving mirror on a wall in the farmyard…  read more on our latest article here.