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More ruins

I’ve added quite a few pages to the ruins section – the latest being Stoops Farm

Anglezarke Walks

I’ve added two walks – one easy and one challenging. Perfect for this weekend!

More ruins! Brook House, by the edge of the reservoir

New – Brook House ruins were thought to have been lost to the reservoirs, but they continued as a dwelling for at least another 35 years…

Old Knowle Farm, Sheephouse Lane

I’ve added a new farm, the ruins of Old Knowle Farm which you pass right by on the road from Rivington to Belmont (Sheep House Lane).  It’s on the road side of the dry stone walls.

Lee House added

Following a productive trip to Chorley Library, I can now add a page for the ruins of Lee House, on the Anglezarke Woodland Trail.

Moses Cocker’s updated

Just a small update today, a date stone image added to the article.  I am not sure where on the property this resides, or indeed if it is still there, though I expect it is visible somewhere.

George Birtill

I’ve added a few bits after reading George Birtill’s “Heather In My Hat”, including notes about Simon De Knoll to the page on the ruins of Simms.

Higher House added

I’ve created a page for Higher House farm in the Ruins section. This is one that many people drive, walk or cycle past without realising just how close they pass by!

Brown Hill added

The old farm of Brown Hill has been added to the Ruins section.  I’ll look to add some modern day photos shortly.

Old Rachel’s updated

The page for the ruins of Old Rachel’s have been updated with more of the Evans family history added, thanks to some information gleaned from