There is a huge amount of history surrounding Anglezarke, with evidence from Neolithic times through to the remnants of 1890’s farmhouses, and wartime bombings.  I have concentrated on the moorland ruins mainly to this point, hence the comprehensive section therein, but I will be adding more as time goes by.

Bomber Zulu tells the story behind the Lead Mines Clough memorial which pays tribute to those who died in a wartime crash.

Dean Wood is home to Dean House, and nestled along a river cutting near to Yarrow Reservoir.  Many interesting stories and fables abound.

Bomber Zulu

Anglezarke Moor was the location of a tragic air crash on the 16th November, 1943.  Wellington Bomber Zulu 8799 lost control over Hurst Hill on the moors, and all the crew were pronounced dead at the scene.  A fitting tribute exists at Lead Mines Clough, lest we forget. The plane had taken off from 28 …

Dean Wood

Dean Wood is technically in Rivington, but being North of Sheep House Lane I have always thought of it as part of Anglezarke, hence its inclusion here.  There’s also a lot of history to the woodlands, so it’s worth researching and writing about for that reason, too! According to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, who manage …