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My policy is to undertake original research wherever possible, and to visit locations to take first-hand evidence.  However, in other texts, there are undoubtedly unique and otherwise unobtainable stories and tales.   Where quoted, these have generally been referenced, and evidence has been cross-checked.

  • A Short History Of The Township Of Rivington In The County Of Lancaster With Some Account Of The Church And Grammar School – Irvine, William Fergusson, b. 1869.
  • Rivington & District Press Excerpts – D. A. Owen.
  • About Anglezarke – M. D. Smith.
  • About Rivington – John Rawlinson.
  • Landings – Richard Skelton.
  • The Enchanted Hills – George Birtill
  • Follow Any Stream – George Birtill
  • Heather in my Hat – George Birtill
  • Over The Five Barred Gate – George Birtill
  • Let’s Take A Walk – George Birtill

You may notice that some images are Copyright Lancashire County Council.  These are from the Lancashire Lantern archive, and I have paid for permission to use the images.

There are also some images with a self-imposed watermark across the bottom which states “cc-by-sa”.  This means that the photographer released these images with a Creative Commons Share Alike license – the same license with which I present this site.  Please see copyright, which isn’t anything like as restrictive as you might expect, although commercial and/or non-attributed useage is not permitted.

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